Technical Assistance, Consulting, Expert Witness Testimony  
Individuals working in the child protection field are encouraged to reach out to us for requests for technical assistance.  Questions or concerns regarding any aspect of the child maltreatment or family violence investigation, forensic interview, criminal justice or child welfare process are welcome.  If we are unable to assist or answer your questions, we will reach out to others who may be able to assist.

Consulting and expert witness services are also available regarding forensic interviewing, family violence, sexual violence, trafficking and child maltreatment.  Our staff has been qualified to serve as an expert witness in multiple jurisdictions, and has worked in multiple local, state and federal jurisdictions.

Peer review of forensic interviews is also available.  Our staff has been trained in multiple nationally-recognized forensic interview protocols.
We are available to provide training services to child protection and other professionals.  Training topics include issues related to investigations of child maltreatment, child sex trafficking and exploitation, forensic interviewing, expert testimony and multidisciplinary team investigations.  Trainers are experienced at providing keynote presentations, conference sessions and multi-day trainings, as needed.  Training will be tailored to your specific needs. Contact us for information on our training services for multidisciplinary team members and child protection professionals.
Community Education
We are available to provide community education and training on how to recognize signs and symptoms of child maltreatment, prevention programming, online exploitation and mandated reporter training.  We can tailor safety education and training to adults and children of all ages, and encourage training to include recognizing and preventing all forms of child maltreatment.  Contact us for prevention education programs and presentations for children, parents and community members.